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Ultimate Guide For Monster Legends: Become The Best Player In 2017

Monster Legends have been one of the most popular Facebook games during the 2016 and chances are high it will stay like this in the near future. Developers are currently working on adding new monsters and new possibilities, so it will be even more important. However, this isn’t a simple game. There are a lot of facts to know and you will need time to master all the features. As such, you are going to need a guide, the ultimate guide here. We will help you understand the main goals of the game, which strategies to use and a lot more.

Basics for beginners

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If you are an intermediate or a proficient gamer in Monster League, you can skip this section. If you are a beginner, you will have to read it! Here, you will get the basic facts and essentials of the game.
We will begin with the elements. There are 9 of them and they are: legendary, earth, dark, magic, fire, water, thunder, nature and light. They are used to breed the monsters. In essence, you will have to link two of them to get a hybrid. There are 117 monsters and recently new ones have been added. Your monsters are going to be your main characters.

Besides a monster, you will have to build your own island. There, you can create your forces, recruit monsters and etc. Monsters can fight in arenas and earn XP, gold, and food. A special part that simply must be mentioned are bosses. They are available after 5 levels and they are very powerful. Defeating them will get you more experience, but more food and gold. Don’t forget that they are very strong and defeating them isn’t easy. In some cases, it is close to impossible.

Before starting a battle, it is useful to get an idea about the elements and their strength. Each one is stronger agents some and weaker against other elements. This is more than just important when you are going into the fight. Make sure you inspect the foundation elements of the opposite monster.


Now things are even more interesting. In order to generate gold and to have powerful monsters, you will need certain facilities. Each one has one or two purposes and each one is unique and important in its own way. Try to remember that without them, you won’t be able to make progress!


Habitats are probably the first construction you will need. They are used to store monsters. Now, you must know that each one is reserved for the monster of a particular element. For example, a fire monster can be placed only into the fire habitat. When it comes to the hybrid monsters, you can place it in any of two habitats, related to his two elements. These constructions also store gold, but you must upgrade them in order to make them capable of storing a higher amount. Another half of the story is gold. Habitats will generate gold when they are paired with the monster. The main thing to know is that each habitat requires a particular monster in order to boost the gold generating!


These constructions are tricky ones. You shouldn’t build them as soon as you start playing the game, due to a specific reason. They use a lot of gold, so you will lose more than you can generate! They have a huge role in upgrading your monster. For example, a monster can reach level 10 and that’s it. In order to get additional levels, you will have to build a temple of the element your monster owns. For hybrids, you must have a temple of both elements. With one construction of this type, you will get 10, additional levels.


Monsters require food, so you must make it. You will use farms in order to generate it. There are three types (small, big and huge) and there is a limit. The limit will be increased as you increase your levels. Also, farms can be upgraded in order to produce more food. Important: Make sure you always have plenty of food for all your monsters.

Other constructions

There are several more constructions you will need. We will mention them below.

  • Arenas- They are used for monster battles.
  • Breeding mountains- Used for breeding the eggs of the monsters. They will develop after the process is complete.
  • Harbor- Allows you access to the adventure map.


Breeding guide is more than just needed if you want to master the game. This is also the main point of the game and it is essential that you know what you are doing. This is also something that makes the entire game far more interesting and it is something that helps you maximize the thrill while playing.

Every single breeding guide you can think of will tell you that there are several breeding categories. They are legendary, epic, fire, nature, water, earth, electric, meta, magic and dark. Here, you will have to remember that epic and legendary monsters are very hard to breed and there are no specific rules. You will have to try many times in order to get the one you want.

First of all, you must have temples of four elements (water, fire, nature and earth). They will become available at the 10th level. Make sure to upgrade them and to improve them. Once the egg hatches, you will have to place it in the suitable habitat. When it is fully developed, you can use it to breed a more powerful monster.

Monster Legends Breeding Cheats

Now, you will have to know how to start the process. All you will have to do is to connect two monsters and you will get the third one. For example, connecting Fayemelina and Darknubis will result in Darkzgul. Some monsters are more complicated to generate. One of the hardest is the Worker Hulk. If you really like this monster, you already know that chances are very low to get him. The most successful alternative is combining Pandalf and Hyperion. Even then, you will have 10% of getting the desired monster and the breeding time is 8 days and 14 hours! Breeding legendary Worker Hulk is simply difficult and you should remember that we said getting legendary monsters is hard.

Want to know how to breed Vanoss? Join the line. This is an extremely powerful and strong monster, but sadly, the breeding combination isn’t known. Some monsters cannot be bred, or the needed combinations are still unknown. All you can do is to keep trying and maybe you will have luck.

The answer to the how to get Mersnake is far more interesting and easier as well. This monster can be yours instantly and chances are 100% in all cases. Linking the Turtle with: Darkzgul, Mommy, Barbatos, General Nishant or Nebotus will get you Mersnake. In all cases, chances are 100% and the expected time is instant.

Main tips to know

Monster Legends is a complicated game, we all know that, but there are some general tips that can help you play better. All of them use professional gamers and all of those who have reached high levels. If you are planning to have success in the game and to make steady progress, using all of them is highly recommended.

    Forming a team

Simply clicking on the fight button won’t get you anywhere. Before entering the battle, make sure you inspect the elemental affiliation of the opposite monsters. Obviously, the main goal is to have stronger monsters than your opponent. In order to get it, you should click on change, if you believe the current monster isn’t strong enough. Pay attention to all monsters and change them correspondingly. This is the most important tip you must use! Note: Beginners usually make the mistake by not obeying this tip.

    Use special skills

Each monster has special skills. Some of them are unlocked and others are locked. Checking them can be done by clicking on the habitat and then on the monster icon. This is needed, in order to do the maximum damage to the opponents. Special skills are specific and they can cause a huge amount of damage on certain opponents.

A separate advantage is skills that can affect several enemies. For example, Pandaken’s Firewall can cause damages to the entire group of rival monsters. However, you will have to wait for one turn in order to cool the monster down. Always pay attention to the number of monsters a special skill will affect. More is always better!

    Special items

Beside special skills, you have special items at your disposal. They can be obtained in items section and you can buy new ones. In any case, click on use when you want to apply that item. They are divided into defense, attack or healing items. If you use an attack item, click on it and then on the monster that is performing an attack. If you want healing or defense item, click on it and then on a monster from your team. Additional: Most beginners don’t know about the items, which can help you defeat them quickly.

    Grow your monsters

Defeating a low-level monster is just a half of the story. There are more powerful opponents that won’t be able to defeat unless you have high-level monsters. The trick here is how to grow them. Actually, it is very easy. All you will have to do is to feed them. Make sure you have all three types of farms. They produce food in different intervals. A longer the interval, more points. So, you will get: 10 points after 30 seconds of growing Blue Lizard’s Tail; 50 points after 5 minutes in the case of Sweet Pepper and 150 foods (plus 1500 ex) after 30 minutes with Sea Grapes.

We will have to mention that growing and improving your monsters on a regular basis is extremely important. By doing this, you will get stronger monsters that can defeat more powerful enemies.

    Use gems carefully

Don’t make a common mistake in believing that gems are not needed. They can help you speed up the construction, monster breeding and advancing in levels. There are several ways to get gems and we will be speaking about them as well.
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There are some additional benefits as well. The Monster Legends hack is free and safe. You can use it countless times and there won’t be side effects on your account. It will only make your monsters more powerful than ever and help you reach certain levels in no time. If you want to use this trick more than just once, you will have to repeat the process and you are done. Resources will be automatically added to your account.

Monster Legends hack download is secure, so there won’t be viruses nor other threats on your computer nor on your account. The bottom line is that using this method can guarantee you countless opportunities and advantages you normally don’t have.

If you choose not to use the hack tool, you will need 10 times more time to reach the same goal than when using the hack generator! Your progress will be much slower also if we add the fact that your rivals will defeat you more frequently. On the other hand, we have many examples where losing resources happens, so reaching higher levels is almost impossible. Keep in mind that thousands of gamers already use this tool every single day. They are not smarter nor more capable than you.

Strategies For Getting Additional Gems

Besides the aforementioned alternative, you can use some free methods for getting gems. They are constantly available, therefore millions of gamers use them every day. The bottom line is that they can speed up their own gameplay, while you stay on lower levels. In order to avoid this, you should pay attention to the tips below.


When you increase your level, you will get gems. In some situations, it may be only one gem, but higher ones will provide you a few gems. This is also the main objective of the game and the priority of your gaming.

Use your friends

Visiting other islands and inviting friends will help you get gems faster.

Complete tasks

On the left side of the screen, you will see the goals and missions that should be completed. Each one will guarantee you an amount of ex. Some offer 500 ex, but some can reach 2000! Completing these simple missions will help you improve your army. Note: The first ones are extremely simple and they should be completed as soon a possible.

Remove rocks and trees

In the game, you will see many trees and rocks. Removing them can generate xp and therefore give you more gems. Removing just one, medium or a big rock can generate up to 15.000 xp. Removing just one tree will generate 500 xp. There is one drawback. While your worker is in charge for this procedure, he won’t be able to construct buildings.

Use adventure map

Fighting into the adventure map will speed up your progress as well. Make sure you use this trick all the time, considering it is more than just successful and effective. A fight can generate up to 1000 xp.

Expansion Strategy That Can Make a Difference

Probably the most interesting aspect of playing the game is expanding. You will have more land and you will be a more successful player. Of course, in order to get all of this, you must have some skills, or use our strategy. It may be simple, but it helps you maximize the potential of your monsters and the island! All of these points should be carefully planned and taken into consideration before you begin with the expansion.

  • You will have to start slowly. It means that using diamonds to speed up the hatching process isn’t recommended. Save them for some, more important items and benefits.
  • Use the experience and divide it on your monsters. The point is to have all monsters that are powerful and capable of defeating the enemy.
  • Visit a monster arena. It is a great way to get experience and gold. However, we also recommend using the Monster Legends hack. It is a much faster option.
  • Position your habitats and markets carefully. This is crucial when you are planning to expand on a problematic area. If you have habitats on the locations you need, your expansion will be easier and more successful.
  • Using your strongest monsters first is a clever idea. By doing this, the first wave you send will have the huge effect on the enemy’s forces.
  • Choose your opponent carefully. Before the actual attack, you should inspect the opponent. How powerful monster he has and which level he is. If you have encountered an extremely powerful opponent, cancel the attack.

This is a slow strategy, so you must invest time in it. After all, the entire game is developed on this principle. Use the points in the mentioned order, or they won’t have any effect. Another piece of advice we can give you is that you must be persistent! Monster Legends is a complicated game to play, so don’t give up as soon as you feel threatened.

Final Words

Now, you have all the secrets and knowledge you will need in order to become a successful player. We used only the most successful and the most effective tips, tricks and advice that will make you proficient. Don’t forget that practicing and experimenting are needed. You will be able to get new monsters that may be extremely strong and powerful.

No matter which path you choose, you will have plenty of success and you will reach your goals faster than your friends. If you want to help them, simply share this guide to them. Together, you will be more powerful than ever.

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